Lockheed Lee

About Me

Welcome to Lockheed Lee Designs... nice to meet you!

Hi, I'm Lockheed Lee, no affiliation to Lockheed Martin. But yes, that is my real name... how did I get my name? Well, that's along story that I'll share for another time. I'm an independent designer and marketing professional, specializing in brand marketing and design. I'm located in New York City with 15 years of experience. I work in partnership with businesses who want to communicate better and more efficiently.


I offer a complete set of design services at an affordable rate that includes graphic design, marketing strategies, planning, art direction, mechanical production, web design, copy writing, illustrations, photography and printing. I will assist you from start to finish in fulfilling your needs. *Not only do I provide these services, but I also like to establish a relationship with my clients. Just like me, you want someone you can trust.

Why should you choose Lockheed Lee Designs?

You can trust and rely on me that I will put a 100% of my creative expertise and knowledge into working for you. Customers have more options and less time than ever before. If a business can't find a way to stand out and connect to its customers, it doesn't have a chance. I will create meaningful design and branding solutions that will appeal to your customers, resulting in increased sales and long-lasting relationships.